MIL-STD-704F Power Supply

Power supplies for military aerospace applications are designed to meet the interface requirements of MIL-STD-704. This specification defines the interface standards for military aircraft electric power characteristics. The standard specifies normal, abnormal, transfer, emergency and starting operating characteristics for parameters such as voltage and frequency.

A MIL-STD-704F Power Supply must be able to operate under the defined characteristics of at least one of the revisions of the standard, whether it be the base revision released in 1959 through to Revision F (with Change 1) released in 2016.

MIL-STD-704F Power Supply for Aerospace | Viable Power

The interface standard is very specific, defining all manner of characteristics of the AC (or DC) source that the utilization equipment (Power Supply) must be able to operate under.

  • For AC sources this includes the steady state voltage and frequency ranges, voltage transients, both under voltage droop and over voltage spikes, the balance on the phases (for 3 phase applications), voltage imbalance, modulation and phase difference, frequency modulation, power factor etc.

  • For DC sources , both 28V and 270V, the characteristics include, steady state voltage range, ripple amplitude, distortion factor and spectrum.

A MIL-STD-704F power supply has a performance level suitable for aerospace applications and can form the key element of a reliable aerospace power system.

Assisting with Your Specific Power Supply Needs

As a military power supply manufacturer and designer of custom AC-DC power supply units, Viable Power is ideally positioned to assist customers with their specific power supply needs. Perhaps your existing supplier can no longer offer you the product you need, in which case Viable Power can design a solution which is form, fit and functionally identical to your existing unit. It can be designed to meet any revision of MIL-STD-704 from original release to the latest Rev F. Contact us to see what we can do for you.