Aerospace Power Systems

Whether for military or civil aviation, aerospace power systems demand high performance under a wide range of environmental conditions. Each power supply must be engineered to meet precise electrical performance including power output and efficiency, and physical performance such as size and weight. In addition to that there are the environmental performance requirements including temperature, vibration and altitude.

Aerospace Power Systems | Viable Power

As technology advances, airborne electronics applications become more capable which is usually coupled with a demand for more power. As power supply designers, Viable Power looks to use innovative solutions to provide ever more powerful, higher efficiency and compact solutions for our customers.

Aerospace power systems must be engineered to the most exacting standards, from design through to manufacture and test. Airborne radar, sonar, navigation and processor applications require highly reliable power supplies that perform under a wide variety of operating conditions. Viable Power’s design engineers endeavor to balance the need for reliable power in a compact package that can perform under harsh environmental conditions.

Power Systems Designed to Last

Viable Power has designed over 40 custom power supplies for numerous aerospace applications. These products continue to serve on military aircraft, both fixed wing and rotary wing, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), and target drones where they are essential in providing reliable power for aerospace power systems including displays, processors, communications and navigation electronics.

All our military specified power supply units are custom engineered to withstand the toughest of conditions including extreme temperature ranges coupled with high altitudes (low pressure), vibration and shock, and humidity, condensing or non-condensing. Each is designed with a custom feature set defined by the customer.

Aerospace power systems, custom power supply unit | Viable Power

Such features may include:

  • reverse polarity protection
  • AC or DC input OK signals or indicators, or both,
  • DC output OK signals or indicators
  • VMEBus compatible SYSRESET and ACFAIL signals
  • serial status data bit stream
  • remote ON/OFF control
  • remote sense output voltage compensation
  • manual output adjustment for each output
  • over temperature protection and indication

The range of features that are included in one of our custom designs is only restricted by the requirements.

Designed to Meet
interface Standards

Designed to Meet
interface Standards

Power supplies for military aerospace applications are designed to meet the interface requirements of MIL-STD-704. This military specification defines the interface standards for aircraft electric power characteristics.

Let Us Design the Power Supply You Need

Viable Power has more than 25 years of expertise in the design and manufacturing of aerospace power systems as well as other products for the defense industry. Contact us to see what we can do for you for your custom power supply needs or complete our Request for proposal form.