About Viable Power Conversion Technologies

Viable Power Conversion Technologies Inc (Viable Power) specialize in rapid turnaround, custom designed, high reliability power conversion solutions for military aerospace, defense, naval and industrial sectors. We have been designing and manufacturing custom high reliability power conversion products since 1995.

Viable Power was incorporated in Quebec in 1995, founded by two like-minded individuals who were seeking to break away from the mold of providing long development cycle, expensive designs to customers. Their objective was to provide affordable design and quick turnaround manufacture for military sector applications. Their first customers remain as customers to this day.

A Trusted Canadian Supplier

Viable Power continues to be family owned and has grown into a trusted Canadian supplier of power supplies and power system accessories. Passive and electronic components used in our designs are sourced from North American distributors, to ensure reliable, uninterrupted supply of all critical components.

One of Viable Power’s objectives is to provide secure employment for our Quebec workforce and to use local suppliers wherever possible. When not locally sourced, we endeavour to use Canadian suppliers and distributors. The vast majority of our metal piece parts are manufactured by fellow Canadian manufacturers, within 20 km of our facility.

Viable Power - Custom Power Supply Manufacturer

Our Corporate Responsibilities

Viable Power acts responsibly towards our employees, customers, and to the business and industrial communities. We are committed to provide a safe workplace, ensuring all CNESST (workplace safety) requirements are met.

Viable Power Company Corporate Responsibility

As part of the supply chain of electronic components and assemblies, we are committed to ensuring that no components whose materials have been sourced from areas of the world in conflict are used in any of our products. Along with our customers and suppliers, we provide annual reports confirming compliance to the Dodd-Frank Act for the responsible supply of minerals from conflict affected and high-risk areas. We also submit annual surveys within our supply chain for the collection and sharing of information related to slavery and human trafficking.

As part of our Quality Management System (QMS) Viable Power has processes in place to prevent the use of counterfeit parts, ensuring that such parts are not used in our products or get into the supply chain. Finally, our IT systems are constantly upgraded to ensure maximum protection of our customers’ designs and specifications, as well as VIABLE’s intellectual property.

Our Environmental Contribution

The assembly of electronics has traditionally weighed heavy on the environment. Viable Power has removed the use of all ozone depleting chemicals from its processes and equipment, in accordance with Canada’s commitment to the Montreal Protocol.

We invested in two new air-cooled thermal chambers which use R-404A and R-508B/R-23 refrigerants. Our wave solder and washing machines are new energy efficient units with very low water usage. One of our future targets is to incorporate energy recovery units as our power supply loads during ESS testing, reducing waste heat and recycling electrical power thus reducing overall plant power consumption.

Want to Know More About Us?

Should you wish to know more about Viable Power Conversion Technologies, visit Our Strengths and our Facility website pages. For any questions about our custom power supply solutions or testing services, please feel free to contact us at any time.